Chrome Web Store: Rejection notification (Purple Potassium)

Chrome Web Store: Rejection notification (Purple Potassium)
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Please remove your head from your ass hole and stop sending this false positive violation! Each time this happens it only introduces even more delay to the Web Store publishing process which is already lengthy on its own accord! Further it requires more work on our end to re-explain the problem to whoever you have on the other end of these template rejection emails that are sent out. This is not the second or even third time this has happened but rather the 8th now! And for each of these invalid rejections, much effort has gone into doing extra work to handhold and walk you through the reason why the rejection is invalid (like taking screen captures and creating screen recordings, composing multiple emails and responding back and forth with you, posting THIS blog post).

Google Web Store false positive rejection emails

The False Positive Violation (For the 8th time now...)

false positive Google Web Store violation

Again, here is why the above violation is a false positive and does not apply. Very simply, in order to open devtools:// scheme URLs, the debugger permission is required as you can see from your own error code from the DevTools browser console:

Error: Cannot navigate to a devtools:// page without either the devtools or debugger permission.

error message

Once the permission is added back to the manifest.json file, the problem goes away and the devtools:// page can be loaded by the extension. Further, it should be very clear why the loading of a devtools:// page is required at all, certainly in NiM but in as well every other case that we've received the false positive violiation for! The proof being the ultimate (sans problem free) acceptance of each Web Store submission.


Without the devtools permission you can see that the tab can't be restored back to it's previous state (devtools://...)

result of manifest file without debugger permission

With the devtools permission everything is good in the world:

result of manifest file with debugger permission

So yes in fact the debugger permission is a requirement and the Purple Potassium volation is completely invalid in every case that we've continued to receive them.

manifest file with debugger permission

Please make note of this and more importantly fix your systems/processes to eliminate these false positives. I like most prefer my potassium yellow, not purple anyway! Thanks.