I am a father over all else. I am an engineer, a builder, and an imagine-er. Curiosity sent me to school to learn about electronics and ultimately to receive my BS in electronics engineering. Approximately two decades ago (time flies) I entered the technology field around the dot-com era (immediately before the bust, unfortunately) and discovered that I loved school so much more than secular employment. I would say that even before then I always had the desire to be independent and do my own thing or to be part of a small team. I've started several small companies, all profitable despite reaching the point of needing to hire employees. I've been a one man army so to speak. Yet I've always had the desire to find like-minded individuals who also had the dreams and shared the passion for individuality and creating new things. The missing key for me has always been the fact that I am very much the introvert, and although close friends would never think as much, it takes some doing for me to open up to new people. I see that as a working point, specifically because to accomplish some of the things I want to in life requires an extrovert's nature. As I started with I am a father of a beautiful daughter who is rapidly growing into a young lady. It's been nearly a decade since I was blessed with the job of caring for her. And since she started grade school, I've made her my focus, opting to take time off from secular employment while continuing to work on side projects as often as I can. I continue looking for income avenues which will allow me to continue my focus on my daughter for a few more years until she reaches high school and becomes much more independent. (Obviously, that will present challenges of its own, some of which I'm hoping will skip us! Either way, I know that I will have much more time to pursue regular employment until the next great idea becomes profitable enough to switch focus yet again on. So that is who I am. And this is what I do. Thank you for your support.

Oh, and the reason I like Iron Man is because that character probably embodies the most of who I am and who I identify with. Him and Batman. ;)