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Stealth Browsing Made Easy - For Hackers, Creators, Influencers, CEOs, and Anyone concerned with fingerprinting and unnecessary information leaks.


Look no further than Incognegro, a powerful browser extension that lets you instantly hide all potential data leakage with just one click or keyboard shortcut - while in the browser or away in a different window!

Key Features

  • Instantly hides all tab favicons and name/title info with just one click or keyboard shortcut
  • Quickly mask your off-topic browser activity to maintain confidentiality and focus on business specific tabs
  • Exclude specific tabs from hiding behavior to maintain flexibility
  • Very safe/lightweight design protects your tab history (back navigation to restore the tab) for peace of mind
  • Increase stealth by selective exclusions only, giving you control over what's visible


  • Presentations, Workshops, Training Sessions: Keep your audience focused on relevant content without revealing unrelated tabs.
  • Zoom Screen Sharing Sessions/Remote Work: Hide personal browsing during virtual meetings or coworking sessions.
  • Classroom and Educational Settings: Teachers and students can maintain focus by hiding unrelated tabs during online classes.
  • Social Media Screen Casting: Prevent your viewers from seeing private information while streaming your social media activities.
  • Gaming Streams: Hide sensitive information during live gameplay streams.
  • Pair Programming/Co-working: Keep unrelated project tabs hidden during collaborative sessions.
  • Quiet Quitting: Conceal job search tabs or personal browsing during work hours to maintain privacy.


If you've already taken the first step by installing this extension. Congratulations. If not here are the links:


The second step is just as easy, to toggle Incognegro (incognito/privacy) mode, simply use the action icon or keyboard shortcut (Ctrl-Shift-0 is the default but it can be changed to better suit your need)

You have some tabs open that you would rather keep private...

Disabled mode

You now have privacy by enabling the extension

Enabled mode

Options to exclude pages from privacy mode (Hacker News in this example) including DevTools URLs and disable notifications

Exclude a page

Excluded page still shows in Incognegro mode

Excluded page

Keyboard shortcut can be configured and here is a gif of the enable/disable flow

Keyboard shortcut config

As well notifications are provided (and can be disabled)
Notification popup shows program state

Try Incognegro Today!

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Say goodbye to worrying about who might see your browser activity - with Incognegro, you're in control.