Long Term IPv4 Lease

Currently we have approximately 16,000 (roughly equivalent to a /18 cidr block) IPv4 addresses for lease, and are looking for candidates who need additional space. We are not interested in selling them as we would like to hold on to them for future use.

Who We are Looking to Partner with.

We would like to find companies who have a need for additional IPv4 space due to growth and/or other legitimate requirements. SSL, SEO, VPN, ISP, Marketing, Colocation, Hosting, etc are all fine. It would be ideal to work with established tech companies although we can provide all that is required to get the space setup. We are not interested in any use cases that will cause the space to be blacklisted.

Who We are?

We are a small organization with previous roots in the hosting business. Currently we offer technology consulting services as well as developing software. We have experience and have assisted our clients with all that is required to get IPv4 address space setup either within a Colo space and/or with cloud vendors including Google and Amazon.

Let's Talk

If you think your company would be a good fit, please reach out and contact me,

[email protected]

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