Just Random Ideas

  • Bird Chunks (Nugget Factory?!) - group message into 120 (whatever per Twitter) chunks of text. Use chatgpt ai and analyze the message in whole and chop it up into pre-specified character blocks.
  • A domain registrar that only charges $1 in perpetuity but... something must be done with the domain (no squatting), once/if the idea becomes profitable, we (the registrar) lock in the reward of maximum (per market rate) renewal fees (in perpetuity)! After a year if nothing has been done with the domain (maybe use crypto voting to decide that?!... I've written rust contracts on the @NEAR blockchain, just saying), it's freed back up and can't be renewed by the same owner... BUT if the same owner has done something with the domain (provable via open-source git commits maybe?!), renewal at the same rate (i.e., $1) is seamless. Meanwhile as a viable device, this company will profit from ads (obviously) and more importantly social media, because part of the registration process will require an actual human being justifying why they are registering the domain (think short TikTok like clip of video).
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