NiM V3 Manifest V3 Update 2

NiM V3 Manifest V3 Update 2
Photo by Patrik Storm (Alstra Pictures) / Unsplash

Since my last update specifically addressing the transition to Google Manifest V3, which occurred at least a year ago, both I and a small segment of the community have been continuously using NiM with very few issues—those that arose have since been resolved. Google has recently resumed discussions about the transition after a prolonged hiatus, and they have now set the deadline for June 2024. Consequently, I will be pushing the V3 code to both Edge and Chrome distribution channels, effectively upgrading the V2 version of NiM with the V3 code. Additionally, I will likely move the main branch from the V3 repository back to the V2 repository at a later time to continue development.

I hope the transition will be smooth, and no one will be caught off guard by the change. To ensure awareness, I have implemented a notice on the extension popup, providing users with the option to be redirected here for further clarification. Another notable change is the transition to a subscription model, which you can read more about here. Despite this change, NiM will remain fully open-source and freely installable from the Edge Addons/Chrome Web Store properties. I opted for a gentle approach, hoping it will suffice.

Manifest V3 upgrade message for NiM

For many years, NiM has remained free, open-source software—not only 'free as in beer' but also free from ad tracking, popups, and potential interference from nefarious third parties—and this fact remains unchanged.

I hope you enjoy the V3 update, and I look forward to your feedback.