Node --watch Waiting for graceful termination...

Node --watch Waiting for graceful termination...
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I recently switched to using node --watch instead of nodemon and encountered an issue where the DevTools inspect window/tab remained open, along with the underlying devtools WebSocket, even after sending a SIGINT signal (Ctrl+C) to the Node process. It wasn't clear whether this behavior was a bug within Node or expected.

To address this issue and improve my workflow, I added the following code fix: fix hanging ws when node process exists. ยท june07/nimv3@5ee06e1 (

The end of the debug session is now detected by polling the info JSON endpoint. When the polling fails, the web socket is properly closed.

In addition to this fix, the latest version includes some other notable changes. The debugVerbosity setting was corrected as part of the continued migration to Manifest V3. There were also various fixes and changes during the transition from Angular to Vue.

debugging verbosity re-added