PSA: Google Ads Big Tech Doing Evil

PSA: Google Ads Big Tech Doing Evil
Photo by Debashis RC Biswas / Unsplash

If you actually read this post, you would know about the low-quality content on this site. And due to such content, the powers that be at Google denying my request to start a Google Ad Manager account. So, you should understand my confusion today when I mysteriously started seeing ads popup here! WTF... has something been hacked, is Cloudflare injecting ads, who is injecting ads... was admittedly my first thought but after a cursory check I realized/remembered that I never removed the Google Ad script tag from the onboarding process. Which brings me to my current state of head shaking at the hypocrisy and greedy behavior once again displayed by those powers that be.

The Ads

Google Ads being served

Certainly, as you can see from this gif, ads from companies are being spit out and splattered onto my page by Google's machine... in MY home. The same home they claimed wasn't good enough to pay me to peddle for their wares in previously, I guess is good enough to simply come into and steal from. The same company that deemed my site "not good enough" for their Ad Manager program, is now happy to push their ads here on my ghetto run down "low-quality content" block, take the money generated and keep it all for themselves. It's nothing short of strong-armed theft, period.

You might imagine the big brains at Google, certainly with all of their advanced algorithms and AI, would figure out a way to NOT DISPLAY ADS on properties which they in fact have no right do so on regardless of what script tag might be in place or not (I'm sure there is some great parallel I could draw right now to illustrate this point, but I cannot... the point stands) In fact the script tag was put in place due to their onboarding process which by careful design ensures that people take that step immediately long before the "acceptance" stage is reached. Maybe give the offboarding process/rejection email as much thought Google, with something like, hey just a reminder to remove the script tag we asked you to put in your home.

The Money

Google Ad Manager still dead

And to further drive home my point, I will continue my rant by saying that you can bet for sure that the same said algo's/AI/tech are sure to count all of the clicks and to in turn take the money received from these ads being displayed on MY site, in ultimate fact display due to my "low quality content". I've immediately removed the tag of course, but I wonder how long would that have gone on, how long before someone/something at Google would have corrected this foul? Would the money collection continue on indefinitely? How many other illegitimate "low quality" properties are out there collecting money for Google? Sort of drives home my original thought when I had this discussion with my father some weeks back after reading the rejection email from Google, that inclusivity is only a thing if your pretty or popular (then again, they really are mutually inclusive), but if you're small, fat, ugly, a loner, you will be outcast and you are certainly not equal.

The Bottom Line

Every Corporation: We want nothing to do with you, or your unimpressive "low quality" content. Inclusivity is simply a thin facade to keep everyone that matters happy and the money flowing to the important people of which you are not included.

However, and please do not mistake this fact, we will ALWAYS TAKE YOUR MONEY. We are a corporation. Doing Evil is what we do. To say anything else, in fact to claim exactly the opposite with a slogan like "Do No Evil" only demonstrates out complete disregard for your intelligence. Fuck you.