Red, White, and Black

Red, White, and Black
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The Hypocrisy of Big Tech: A Personal Rant

As someone who barely speaks a single word on a daily basis, preferring to spend my days coding in silence rather than engaging in small talk (yes, fuck the corporate stand up, Kanban, agile can suck my dick, because they're just things made up by rich fucks in power to control those not), I would almost rather install a brain-to-computer interface—despite my loathing of Musk and extreme phobia of needles—than be forced to "speak" words to be transcribed or actually "communicate" my thoughts by other means, such as typing them out. I've spent countless hours squeezing and straining out (like a constipated fat man) these sentences to produce "content" for my blog that, in the end, I feel is at the very least minimally readable to English-speaking human beings (and anyone else for whom tech can easily translate my written words).


Indeed, this is certainly human-written content for my blog at the very least, and I have grown tired of seeing big tech companies like Google perpetuate their gatekeeper mentality. The email I received today was the impetus to write, yet another, "low quality" post—yes, diarrhea of the mouth/hand (because I'm typing), if you will. It is as they call it "thin content". It's time to call out the hypocrisy and share my personal experience with trying to make a living online.

The Cool Kid Who Forgot His Friends

Remember when you were in school and there were always the popular kids? Not that they seemed to have it all together, but just that somehow, they were able to sway the populace, that was your high school, your world at the time in fact (particularly if your old as shit like me and predate the internet), that they were the coolest shit since X? They had the expensive clothes, the fresh kicks, maybe lived in a nicer part of town or another town all together, and effortless charm (because after all, when you're pretty it is effortless). Maybe you had a friend very much like you and all of the sudden one day, he/she (we'll go with he this time) caught the attention of one of the cool kids, and before you knew it... Adrian (we'll just give him that name for shits and giggles) was no longer your friend. You had lost him to the cool kids. He forgot you. He forgot your time together. He forgot what it all meant. You were simply an outsiders looking in. It's been a story told a thousand times over, why you might ask... because it's just human nature, period. No one gives a fuck. No one is altruistic, everyone is out for themselves, and ultimately no one cares. Just look at Facebook and Zuckerburg... you've seen the movie, I know you have. What about Ray Crock and the McDonalds brother... you've seen that one too I'm sure! It's a similar dynamic at play with big tech companies like Google. They are no different despite the slogan, "do no evil"... in fact that is likely the very thing that should be stamped on their foreheads like the scarlet letter denoting the fact that they DO IN FACT represent the beast that is corporate greed and the fuck you attitude of society with "Fuck You" money. No one cares. I repeat it again... no one does.

These behemoths of the internet have become so enamored with their own cool factor that they've forgotten about the little guy – you know, the ones who are still trying to make a living online. They no longer care about those who can't or won't fit into their narrow definition of what constitutes "good" content. Be original, be different, be unique... but really the message is just like the masses of other ass holes online vying for the attention of the even bigger masses behind the screen swiping and drooling and jacking away at whatever that blue glow brings to their poor retinas... meanwhile big tech is trying to figure out a way to jack this content on a full time basis, fuck the rest, we all need to have a screen permanently attached to our eyeballs and heads immediately forthwith without delay!

The Frustration of Gatekeeping

As someone who has been trying to grow a digital presence/following for years, I can attest to the sheer frustration of dealing with these gatekeepers. It's like they're sitting at the top of a massive waterfall, enjoying the view while keeping all the water from flowing down to those below. The internet is a vast, untapped resource, yet it seems like only certain "cool kids" are allowed to tap into its wealth. Then again, maybe I'm just too dumb or stupid... or maybe to put it more lightly, just not up to snuff or smart enough, or maybe...


Maybe it's just I'm not good enough, period. And not lucky enough like those even more not good enough but luckier. ?! Regardless, I shall wake up tomorrow and keep trying, with or without Google's rubber stamp.

The Facade of Rules

Here's the thing: these rules and guidelines are nothing more than a facade. For years, we've been told that human-written content is the gold standard – and rightfully so! It takes effort, creativity, and expertise to craft well-researched, engaging articles. Yet, behind closed doors, big tech companies are embracing "thin content" written by AI. Huge media companies like (fill in the blank) profit hand over fist on AI generated content, and they aren't slowing down.

It's no secret that many of these companies have already begun outsourcing their content creation to AI-powered tools in lieu of actual real humans. And while this might seem like a cost-effective solution for them, it spells disaster for many lesser powered individuals.

The Elimination of Human Writers (Humans Period)

In the not-too-distant future, I fear that we'll see an exodus of human writers from the online content creation scene. Instead, everyone will be shaking their ass online and prostitutings themselves to catch a dollar or a few cents... until of course that is somehow gatekept by Bumble's or Google's or Amazon's (or take your pick) new Android Companion Robots who will then own the market for "companionship". So why bother investing time and energy into crafting high-quality articles when AI can churn out mediocre content at a fraction of the cost?

It's a bleak outlook, but one that must be acknowledged. As person who has grown to not give a damn about what anyone else thinks, much less these companies swallowing up the world, I refuse to be silenced by the gatekeepers of big tech. Even if this gets sent into the void, I will have benefited by venting my frustrations out into the ether.

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