Professional References

  • Kit Crawford
    Systems Administrator
    2100 Milvia Street, Suite 300. Berkeley, CA, 94704
    [email protected]
    Bepress is a current client.

  • Fabien Chraim
    CTO & cofounder
    Civil Maps
    2720 Taylor St, Suite 320, San Francisco, CA 94133, USA
    [email protected]
    Civil Maps is a current client.

  • Eric Maundu
    Kijani Grows
    [email protected]
    Coworker at Servepath, LLC. Kijani Grows was also a long standing customer of One Zero Hosting, Inc.

  • James Harris
    Dev/Ops Lead
    99 Almaden Boulevard, Suite 900, San Jose, CA 95113
    [email protected]
    Coworker at Jupiter Hosting/Navisite, Inc.

  • Isaac Bedford
    Field Service Engineer
    De Run 6501, 5504 DR, Veldhoven, The Netherlands
    [email protected]
    Classmate and college senior project (award winning) teammate.