Universal Git Contribution Tracking

Universal Git Contribution Tracking


A tool for universal git contribution tracking would be beneficial for several reasons:

  1. Comprehensive tracking: A universal git contribution tracking tool would allow users to track contributions across all git repositories, including contributions to public and private repositories. This would provide a comprehensive view of a user's contributions, which could be useful for personal development, job applications, and team collaboration.
  2. Motivation: A tracking tool could serve as a motivator for developers to contribute more to open-source projects. Seeing progress and growth in contributions over time could encourage developers to continue contributing and improving their skills.
  3. Facilitation of collaboration: The tool would help team collaboration by allowing managers to track the contributions of their team members across all repositories, facilitating better coordination and assignment of tasks.
  4. Analytics: The tool could provide analytics on individual and team performance, highlighting areas for improvement and identifying top contributors. This information could help organizations to better allocate resources and identify potential talent within their teams.
  5. Simplification of data retrieval: The tool would simplify data retrieval for individuals and organizations, reducing the time and effort required to gather information on contributions. This could enable quicker decision making and planning.


Synchook is made up of an open-source post-commit hook itself hosted on GitHub and secondary repos which are used to track commit metadata. As well there is a cloud service that performs backend tasks such as API key management, secondary repo creation, collaborator access, and providing a simple UI on the BrakeCODE Dashboard.

synchook - Overview
synchook has 4 repositories available. Follow their code on GitHub.
Synchook GitHub Project Page
BrakeCODE Dashboard UI


Git hooks are scripts that are executed by git after a specific git operation has been completed, such as a commit as is the case with Synchook. Hooks can be used to automate various tasks, such as triggering a build process or sending a notification after changes have been made to a repository... OR tracking metadata from your commits to establish a commit history without actually being concerned with THE data (i.e., code).

You configure git to automatically run the Synchook post-commit hook after each commit you make. The metadata about your commit is then tracked by git in a secondary GitHub repo which you are made a collaborator of. Commits to that repo are then counted on your GitHub contribution graph.


Synchook is a universal git contribution tracking tool that provides a comprehensive, motivating, collaborative, analytical, and simplified approach to tracking code contributions using a simple open-source git hook, a free cloud service, and through leveraging GitHub's contribution graph UI.

Read more about it here and give it a try!